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  GL AUTOMATION, INC. (GLA) was founded in 1989 to develop, fabricate, and sell semiconductor wafer manufacturing tools for increasing productivity, throughput and yield. With over 100 man-years in semiconductor operations and automation, the GLA technical staff designs its products to achieve several primary objectives. These objectives include: meeting and surpassing our customer requirements, pursuing innovative advanced technology, simplifying products while enhancing performance, and lowering costs. By adhering to these guidelines, GLA products continually provide great value to the tool user and/or owner. The expanding product line has produced healthy company growth. By 1996, the company's business level grew beyond the capacity of its original physical location, and GLA expanded into its current location that quadrupled design, manufacturing, and fabrication space.


  GLA has made a profound impact on local and worldwide semiconductor technology. Continuous emphasis on excellence in design, execution, and service is a trademark of the GLA founders. For quick response to critical equipment needs or design improvements, many customers far and near have turned to GLA. This earned GLA a reputation resulting in expanded product line and customer base.

  The company focuses on wafer handling and ID readers. GL AUTOMATION, INC. also provides the following services:

  • Research & Development

  • Fabrication

  • Manufacturing

  • Assembly

  • Installation

  • System Maintenance

  • Technical Writing

  • Training

  Essentially, all machining and fabrication is performed at GLA. To provide the most cost effective and highest quality products, commitments were made early in the company's history to purchase the best and highest quality machine tools in the industry. The machining equipment is capable of producing highly precise parts while maintaining the volume necessary to meet production and contract requirements.

  GLA's goal is to meet and exceed our customers' needs by on time deliveries and being within budget for each project. Our willingness to listen to our customers' requests is an essential ingredient for success. As with any growing company in a growing industry, customers have unique needs and requirements. Understanding these ideas and desires is pivotal in our quest for innovation and advancement which often results in future products and services.


  GL Automation was established in 1989 with a mission to provide innovative, high-quality, and cost effective wafer handling and automation solutions to the worldwide Semiconductor and Solar industries.

  Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, GLA supports product installations worldwide.


T: 214.503.9888

F: 214.503.6060