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Mass Wafer Transfer

  The new GLA 300mm Mass Wafer Transfer tool system is capable of wafer transfer with or without ID reading. The system uses GLA's simple, efficient, and highly reliable virtual cassette technology, with a throughput of 450 WPH with read and 700 WPH without read. The virtual cassette technology uses batch wafer handling as opposed to traditional single wafer technique. Additionally, GLA's innovative multiple image optics and illumination system achieves read accuracy exceeding 99% in less than 50 seconds under standard conditions. The system incorporates 2 load ports that can each be configured for a FOSB or a FOUP. All these capabilities are contained within the small footprint of 1067mm wide x 1194mm deep (with load ports attached) and less than 7 feet tall. This system is enclosed in a Class 1 rated mini-environment. The system uses a 17" TFT touch screen monitor as the operator interface, and the user friendly software provides simple automatic operations through the use of recipe selections that allow the operator to quickly and accurately select between modes such as transfer, align and read, transfer only or align and read only. The robust and accurate OCR vision system is capable of reading T-7 2D mark or M-12 or M-13, on either the front or back side of wafers.


  GL Automation was established in 1989 with a mission to provide innovative, high-quality, and cost effective wafer handling and automation solutions to the worldwide Semiconductor and Solar industries.

  Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, GLA supports product installations worldwide.


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